“Common Sense” Gun Laws Revealed

The civilian disarmament industrial complex has adopted the phrase “common sense” to describe any gun control law which they favor. Which is any gun control law. In other words, the antis consider all gun control laws a matter of “common sense.” This bit of misdirection masks the utter inanity of the antis’ declaration that “I support the Second Amendment but I also support common sense gun control.” As Admiral Ackbar opined, it’s a trap! If you want proof, well, here it is, in a article entitled Common Sense Gun Laws: There Are No Drive-By Knifings . . .

After the usual anti-2A misegos – the Second Amendment doesn’t say what it says, and even if it does, the Constitution is a “living document” (so we can ignore its meaning), the Founding Fathers never envisioned modern firearms and a tyrannical government would mow down American gun owners – author Nick Desai takes the rhetorical road less travelled. He presents his proposal for “common sense gun laws.”

Too often, articles like this one end by ridiculing the gun owners. However, it’s far more productive to suggest ways that enable law-abiding gun owners to co-exist in a society not riddled with gun violence. Here are three such suggestions:

• End all open carry laws and outlaw all automatic weapons.
• After a universal background check, allow adults over 21 to own 1 “manual” gun that is kept in their home.
• Have a hefty bullet tax. Surely those owning guns for self-defense don’t need cases of ammo for the rare intruder. Use bullet tax revenues to treat victims of gun violence and educate the public about gun safety.

End all open carry laws? How do open carry laws contribute to America’s firearms-related homicides? Equally, how can Desai make that proposal given the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms? Oh right. Living document. Sorry.

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