How to Choose the Best Long Range Optics for Your Application

SNIPER_101_Part_14_-_Scopes_for_Extreme_Long_Range_Shooting__mp4_and_Sniper_101There are a plethora of optics choices for you long guns. However, the trick is to choose the best optics for your application. For instance the same optics you would you for close combat on you Ar-15 would not be the ideal choice for varmint hunting where you would want a high magnification scope. Also a deer hunting scope designed for ranges out to 300 yard probably is not appropriate for distances out to 1,000 or 1,600 yard, extreme long distances.

Long Range Optics An Introduction

Scope Turrets #1

Scope Turrets #2

Variable vs Fixed Magnification Scopes

Scope Magnification Values

Effective Reticles and Objective Lens Sizes

Scope Quality by Brand

Scope Rex’s Best Picks



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