Shooting Through the Door is a Bad Idea

Arizona – -( Shooting through a door is usually a bad idea.  Your ability to see the target is often obscured or nonexistent, and it may be difficult to show that you believed that you were confronting a deadly threat.

Shooting through an inside door may be less problematic than one that is an entrance to a building that you are defending.

Interior doors  are usually of flimsy construction.  A person who has retreated to a bedroom or bathroom and who has locked the door may have less options than someone who is defending an entrance door.   If someone has already broken into a residence, they have shown themselves to be a threat.  This is the essence of the Castle doctrine in most states.

Shooting through a door violates one of the cardinal safely rules: Know your target and what is beyond it.

In a recent case in Las Vegas, the home owner, a fire department captain, was not prosecuted for firing through his door and severely wounding an innocent bystander.  Prosecutors ruled that his actions were reasonable, given the circumstances.   The “reasonable person” standard applies to what the person making the decision knew at the time, not what the reality was.  From


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