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The Future of War

Grove City, PA –-( War remains, as a Prussian general defined it nearly two centuries ago, the use of force to compel the enemy to do your will. Strategy connects ways and means to achieve an objective. The basics of strategy apply to war whether regular, irregular, guerilla warfare, nuclear war, or insurgency. Terrorism is […]

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Inside a Marine armory

The U.S. Armed Forces have alot of guns. Let me correct myself, the military has A TON of guns. Where are all these kept and stored though? In armories of course. But these mysterious enclaves filled to the brim with boy toys must be an absolute joy to even step inside right? Well, maybe if […]

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Search still underway for suspect after killing spree leaves 6 dead, 1 wounded (VIDEO)

Authorities in Pennsylvania continue to search for the man believed to be responsible for a deadly shooting spree Monday, which left six people deceased and one person critically injured. After more than 12 hours of intense searching, which included K-9 units and police helicopters, the hunt for 35-year-old Bradley William Stone of Pennsburg was temporarily […]

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America’s Most Gun Friendly State Is . . . Wyoming?

We’ve been over this ground before. “Gun friendly” isn’t about which state has the most guns per capita. It’s about which state most respects the Second Amendment’s mandate against government infringement on citizens’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Washington, D.C.? As tennis legend John McEnroe famously declared to line […]

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Gun Control Advocates Are Cowards

I’ve made numerous attempts to engage gun control advocates in open debate over the years. After a brief Twitter battle with Brady Campaign campaigner Colin Goddard, I invited the Virginia Tech shooting survivor to continue our “discussion” in front of a live audience. Goddard hemmed and hawed and eventually went radio silent. In May of 2014, I went on […]

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Women-Concealed Carry On the Rise

Over the last week news articles in Olmsted County in Minnesota, and El Paso, Texas have come out regarding the substantial rise in concealed carry permits being issued – with a focus on the fact that an increasing percentage of permit holders are women. It isn’t just Minnesota and Texas, though, it’s all across the […]

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