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Shooting Through the Door is a Bad Idea

Arizona – -( Shooting through a door is usually a bad idea.  Your ability to see the target is often obscured or nonexistent, and it may be difficult to show that you believed that you were confronting a deadly threat. Shooting through an inside door may be less problematic than one that is an entrance […]

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Inside a Marine armory

The U.S. Armed Forces have alot of guns. Let me correct myself, the military has A TON of guns. Where are all these kept and stored though? In armories of course. But these mysterious enclaves filled to the brim with boy toys must be an absolute joy to even step inside right? Well, maybe if […]

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Following school massacre, Pakistani teachers train to carry guns

37-year-old Tabinda, who is undergoing gun training with 10 other women, said of protecting her students, “Whoever kills innocents, God willing I will shoot them.” The police reinforcements across Pakistan are stretched too thinly to adequately protect students in the schools, and Mushtuq Ghani, a higher education minister, agrees that arming teachers is a good line […]

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Which Gun Would You Grab: Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun or Grizzly Custom Guns Lever Gun?

If we’re talking home defense, the Benelli M4 Tactical shotgun is the obvious choice. Nine roughly .35 caliber lead pellets whizzing along at around 1200 feet per second puts Big Ben deep into “stop the threat” territory. That said, Grizzly Custom Guns’ heavily breathed-on Marlin 1894C ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie. That bad boy can send a .357 Magnum […]

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Threats Complicate Defense of Self and Others

Arizona – -( In this case out of New Mexico, a man was found not guilty, but only after the prosecution did everything they could to convict him.  It would have been a straightforward case of defense of self and others if he had refrained from making frivolous threats before the incident.  From AZTEC […]

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