Wyoming Elk at 1090 Yards Kill Shot


Gunwerks’ Mike and Aaron Davidson take their good friends Todd Sholly and Curt Pilcher to the honey hole for Elk. Its a backpack hunt, camping at 11000 feet! The shot (with a 7mm Ultra Mag) is the longest we had ever filmed for the Long Range Pursuit TV Show as of 2011.

02_Wyoming_Elk_at_1090_Yards_Kill_Shot_-_Long_Range_Hunting_-_YouTubeA good long range shooter depends on his spotter to give him the correct information to dial in his scope. It takes practice and coordination to pull off a long range shot like this in the wild.




The elk they are hunting is just about in the center of the screen, a large bull at 1090 yards.03_Wyoming_Elk_at_1090_Yards_Kill_Shot_-_Long_Range_Hunting_-_YouTube





04_Wyoming_Elk_at_1090_Yards_Kill_Shot_-_Long_Range_Hunting_-_YouTubeThe elk goes down instantly with the 7mm Ultra Mag.





05_Wyoming_Elk_at_1090_Yards_Kill_Shot_-_Long_Range_Hunting_-_YouTubeLooking back at where they took the shot on the overlooking ridgeline.




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